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    Camp Pendleton, CA - In Processing

    When first reporting onboard Camp Pendleton, all personnel, with the exception of students, are required to report to the Joint Reception Center (JRC), Bldg. 130132, located on mainside.

    Navy personnel assigned to the Naval Hospital should report to the Officer of the Day at the Quarter Deck, Bldg. H-100. The OOD or Command Duty Officer will be there 24 hrs a day. All other Naval personnel should check-in with their appropriate command (ACU-5, Dental, 1st FSSG, etc.).

    For more information or for reporting after hours, call 760-725-6662. Be sure and bring all service records, an endorsed copy of your orders, travel receipts and local address and phone number to begin in-processing. Military ID cards will be issued once check is complete. In-processing may take several days at Camp Pendleton, so make accommodation arrangements for families prior to beginning the process.